There is such a great amount of stuff to think about when we choose to get a website. You can pick a static site or one based off a format. WordPress is a prevalent decision for some and accompanies numerous advantages. Having a static site intended for you has numerous advantages as well. Here are a few inquiries to think about:

• Do you need convenience?
• Do you need a remarkable and exceptional site?
• How much opportunity do you need?
• How much would you like to spend on your site?
• Are you searching for a format to make your site from?
• Do you need your site custom worked to serve an explicit errand, a look and so forth?
• Do you require a site that can be refreshed effectively?

So what exactly is the Difference between Static Website and WordPress based Website?
Static Website:

A static site is a standard HTML-based site page. These pages contain HTML code that characterizes the structure and substance of the Web page. Coherence is key with static website pages so each time a HTML page is stacked, it appears to be identical. The main way the substance of a HTML page can change is the point at which a Web designer updates and changes the document.

WordPress Website:

A WordPress website is a well-known powerful web-application. It utilizes an explicit system that uses an envelope structure that keeps every one of the segments of your site sorted out in a quite certain manner. WordPress is a layout based framework that is anything but difficult to utilize. WordPress is likewise truly adjustable practically as there are actually a great many modules, gadgets and topics to choose from.
There are a few points of interest and drawbacks to both. You should choose which alternative works best for your business’ needs.

The points of interest to WordPress:

• Hands on methodology: WordPress is intended to be anything but difficult to utilize, refresh and add material to. Its client friendliness makes it easy to make changes to content without realizing HTML code.
• Data and Resource Management: You can store your information (substance and pictures) in the WordPress database for some time later. It very well may be refreshed and erased whenever with a click.
• Cost Effective: Setting up a site through WordPress is significantly more affordable than having a site worked starting with no outside help. Since your site can be founded on an instant subject, you don’t need to pay for custom HTML coding. This can spare you time and keep your spending low.
• Flexibility in Layout and Functionality: WordPress offers more paid and unpaid topics and modules than some other Content Management System on the web. You can utilize WordPress to copy a static site or use it for internet business or as a message board. You can introduce free or paid modules for highlights, for example, e-pamphlets, casting a ballot, surveys, gatherings and considerably more.
• SEO-accommodating: WordPress offers a few incredible site improvement apparatuses that make fusing on-line SEO basic.

The Weaknesses of WordPress:

• Frequent Updates: Security fixes and module refreshes happen every now and again. You will get a notice on the administrator dashboard and the procedure takes not exactly minute. It’s best to remain over these WordPress changes frequently to keep things running easily.
• Costly Customizations: WordPress keeps running on subjects. In the event that for reasons unknown you require the subject changed, you can finish up contributing time and cash to get what you require.
• Template Design: WordPress utilizes topics to decide how your substance is shown. You may find that your page won’t stream and look precisely the manner in which you had trusted.
• Image Challenges: Images must be estimated in certain courses within WordPress. Anything strange should be done outside the format.
• Small Font Selection: WordPress functions admirably with electronic text styles – shockingly, there is just a little determination accessible.

The Benefits of a static site:

• Design Control: Your site can be as one of a kind as your business and as redid as your spending will permit. Each page can appear to be identical or unique.
• Image Control: Depending upon your needs and requirements, images can be altered to any shape or size
• Font Selection: If you want to include genuine sort or some other textual style to your site, your website specialist can do that for you.
• Functionality Control: You can have your very own code made to make the correct usefulness you require. You don’t need to work inside the limits of a pre-customized plug in.

The Burdens of a static site

• Expensive to keep up: Any updates and changes done to your site page can cost you billable time.
• Harder to keep up: Any progressions you wish to make to your site’s route, design or look should be tended to by an expert. Refreshing connections crosswise over pages can be monotonous, dull, and inclined to mistakes.
• SEO will take longer: Search motors don’t support sites with static substance over a comparable site that has its substance frequently refreshed. Adding new articles to keep the substance new will likewise require extra coding and web maintenance to keep up your site’s structure.
• Hands off methodology: All substance should be included by a website specialist, you will probably never contact your site yourself.

Since we know the upsides and downsides of both WordPress and HTML sites. How about we talk about which one is better for your business site.
WordPress clearly tops the list because of the better SEO.
On the off chance that you need to have the opportunity and control of your site and not squander cash on month to month retainers paying engineers to include pictures, WordPress is clearly the better option at that point.
WordPress is also the best option for the people who want to build a site for business and profit.
WordPress is very easy to use and you don’t need to hire somebody for assistance if you require to make any alterations in your website.
You can add a blog area to keep your clients refreshed, or even form your own email rundown and continue conveying more clients to your business. You will discover a lot of free help, assets, devices and modules to develop your business consistently.

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