Laravel has recently released a new update Laravel 5.8 which is to be used instead of the previous Laravel 5.7. After the release of Laravel 5.8, Laravel 5.7 will not receive any more updates or any bug fixes. But, as the policy, Laravel 5.7 will still keep receiving security updates till August of 2019. Laravel 5.8 is now the latest stable version. It will receive updates and bug fixes till August of 2019 and some security updates till February of 2020. So, you can use the Laravel 5.8 till that time. You can easily upgrade from the previous Laravel 5.7 to the latest Laravel 5.8 from the official website. You might want to check out the High Impact changes that the Laravel 5.8 brings from the old Laravel 5.7 before you upgrade. All of these impacts are available on the official websites.

New and improved features of the Laravel 5.8 :

Automatic resolution of Policy:

Laravel 5.8 has the new feature of automatic policy resolution. This essentially means that you do not need to register the policies and models in the AuthServiceProvider class if the policies and models are already in the usual conventional locations. This feature was not available in the previous Laravel 5.7. If you are a programmer who prefer using the non-conventional paths for the models as well as policies, then you can configure these by yourself manually or you can also register a call back in order to register the policies.

Cache TTL Change:

Another important and useful change that the Laravel 5.8 has incorporated in it which has medium to high impacts id the Cache TTL changes. IN the new Laravel 5.8, you can pass integers to the cache methods which will now be represented by seconds (Laravel 5.7 had representation in minutes).

PHP dotenv:

With the new Laravel 5.8, you have a default integration with the PHP dotenv version 3.0. The new Laravel 5.8 has some more integrated features such as:

  • Very good support for variables which are multiline in type.
  • IN the Laravel 5.8, there will be no more trimming of the values. You will get the values exactly how you require them to be.
  • There is increased flexibility for choosing which specific parts of the environment that the programmer tries to read and or modify.
  • Laravel 5.8 now accepts a whole list of paths. In the previous version of Laravel 5.7, only a single path used to be accepted to look for the dotenv file. This makes functioning more easier.
  • There is better validation (stronger) for the variable names in Laravel 5.8. This will help to avoid any obscure errors that may arise or also any silent features.



The new Laravel 5.8 is now able to use Carbon v1 or even Carbon v2. This also includes the flexibility to use the Carbon Immutable. You can also make the Carbon Immutable as a default option. With the Laravel 5.8, there is some changes in the localization of Carbon v2. This is a good change as it allows you better support for the internationalization support that Is offered.


Array Helpers and Deprecated Strings:

As the heading suggests, Strings and array helpers are now deprecated in the Laravel 5.8. This is not something that users should be too alarmed about because the value that they offer (other than style) over using of the class equivalents. Laravel is also planning on addressing this by releasing the helpers. This would be in the form off an optional package. So, you can use it id you want to keep using these features.

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