Elementor versus WPBakery Page Builder (some time ago known as Visual Composer Page Builder) is a fascinating examination since it’s setting two page builders with incomprehensibly unique market positions.
On one side, you have Elementor – the upstart that is figured out how to rapidly store up 300,000 dynamic introduces in less than two years.
What’s more, on the other, you have WPBakery Page Builder – a page builder stalwart that has been around for a considerable length of time and ends up incorporated into what appears as though every ThemeForest topic.
So with regards to Elementor versus WPBakery Page Builder… which one is the correct decision for your site?
That is what I’m planning to discover in this post. To do that, I’ll experience each page builder segment by segment to give you a glance at how each page builder capacities and, ideally, which page builder has the best usefulness for your circumstance.
Even better, I’ll pursue indistinguishable arrangement from my past Divi versus Elementor correlation with the goal that you can without much of a stretch look at all three page builders whenever wanted.

We have a great deal of ground to cover – so we should begin!

1. Interface: Which Page Builder Is Cooler to Work With?

Odds are, you will invest a considerable amount of energy utilizing your page builder of decision. That implies you’re going to need to pick a page builder with an interface that you find instinctive and appreciate utilizing.

Elementor Interface

Since our Elementor versus Divi Builder examination, Elementor has rolled out some huge improvements. Most eminently, Elementor now offers inline altering!
Nearby that expansion, Elementor likewise just for the most part offers a smooth, sans glitch front-end page altering background.
Basically, here’s the manner by which it attempts to include components and alter the content (more on styling components shortly):

• Drag a component from the sidebar into the visual see
• Start composing or utilize the Content alternatives to generally modify its substance

WPBakery Page Builder Interface

While Elementor only offers a frontend page building background, WPBakery Page Builder gives you a chance to pick between two distinct perspectives:
• Backend altering – you manufacture your page utilizing conceptual “squares”
• Frontend altering – you manufacture your page with a live visual see (simply like Elementor)
Truly, the vast majority will most likely simply utilize the frontend proofreader. Be that as it may, having backend altering comes in convenient some of the time in the event that you do require a progressively dynamic take a gander at your page.
One thing that I don’t generally like is that you need to tap the + symbol to include another component (though with Elementor you can see every one of the components in the sidebar):
While it may appear to be a little thing, those superfluous snaps (and slight deferral while the component list opens) can rapidly include in case you’re fabricating an entangled page.
At last, it’s important that WPBakery Page Builder needs inline altering – you’ll have to alter your content in the popup box, which is somewhat disappointing.

Who Wins?

On the off chance that you intend to fabricate your pages utilizing the frontend visual editorial manager, I think Elementor is the unmistakable victor in light of the fact that:
• Its interface completes a superior employment at making essential components promptly accessible

• Its interface feels quicker than WPBakery Page Builder
• You can type straightforwardly on the page with Elementor (inline altering)

The main time I could see WPBakery Page Builder winning is in the event that you completely need backend altering notwithstanding frontend visual altering.

2. Components: Who Has The Better Selection?

Components are what you really assemble your pages with, so it’s imperative that the page builder you pick gives you the important components for your plans.
Notwithstanding the crude number of accessible components, you ought to likewise think about what usefulness you really need. For instance, 200+ components doesn’t make a difference in case despite everything you’re feeling the loss of some imperative components.

Elementor Elements

At present, Elementor offers 53 components in its Pro form. You can see the full rundown underneath:

WPBakery Page Builder Elements

WPBakery Page Builder offers a comparable 50+ components in its center:

Past those components, there’s likewise a monstrous WPBakery Page Builder additional items network that can give you access to 200+ extra components, which is bigger than Elementor’s extra network. What’s more, you can even make your very own addon with an extraordinary plugin.

Who Wins?

As far as implicit components, the two are genuinely equivalent. In any case, when you consider the quantity of components that are effectively accessible by means of additional items, WPBakery Page Builder certainly has the edge with its 200+ additional items.
Like I stated, however – you ought to likewise consider the individual components as opposed to the crude number. Contingent upon your particular needs, one of these plugins may have a lot of components that is better for you.

3. Elementor versus WPBakery Page Builder – Styling Elements: How Deep Can You Go

In the event that you need to make your site your own, you’ll likely need to add custom styling to your components. Here’s the means by which profound each page builder goes…

Elementor Advanced Styling Options

Elementor has two tabs in its sidebar committed to cutting edge styling:

• Style – gives you a chance to change essential things like arrangement and hues
• Advanced – gives you a chance to change edges/cushioning, Z-file, activity, outskirts, responsive plan settings, and even add custom CSS straightforwardly to the component

You can utilize these tabs both for individual components and whole segments.
Elementor has likewise the capacity to utilize pre-made layouts. You can transfer them, actuate and alter.

WPBakery Page Builder Styling Options

WPBakery Page Builder gives you distinctive styling choices relying upon what sort of substance you’re altering.

In case you’re altering an essential component, you don’t have a lot of alternatives. You’re fundamentally restricted to:

• Margin/cushioning
• Borders
• Background

In any case, in the event that you alter a section, you’ll get another arrangement of alternatives that enable you to design extra settings like:

• Parallax impact
• Responsive structure (counting concealing a segment on explicit gadgets)

Who Wins?

I incline toward Elementor’s styling choices for a couple of reasons:

• They feel increasingly natural to me
• They’re effectively available in the sidebar, as opposed to a popup
• You get a similar general arrangement of choices for every single substance type (segment, segment, component), though WPBakery Page Builder gives you distinctive choices for each
• You can add custom CSS straightforwardly to a component, while WPBakery Page Builder just gives you a chance to include custom CSS classes (you need to include the genuine CSS somewhere else)

4. Pre-Made Templates and Library: Number and Variety

Layouts enable you to rapidly import a completed page structure that you can alter and change as required, instead of expecting you to assemble your page totally without any preparation.

Elementor Pre-made Templates

Elementor as of now offers 120+ pre-made layouts and keeps on adding extra formats to its library:

You can likewise spare your own completed structures to the library to reuse them crosswise over various pages (just as in different zones on your site – more on this later).

WPBakery Page Builder Pre-made Templates

WPBakery Page Builder right now sends with 85+ pre-made formats. Not these are for a full-page plan, however. Many are simply singular page segments that you can use as a major aspect of a page:

Like Elementor, you can likewise spare your own plans as a format to effectively reuse them crosswise over various pages.

Who Wins?

Elementor offers more pre-manufactured layouts and, as I would like to think in any event, better-structured formats. Also, Elementor’s format library is progressively adaptable for giving you a chance to reuse your very own plans (as you’ll find in a second).

5. Extraordinary Features: What Doesn’t Compare

Alright, so far I’ve endeavored to keep things really unbending and look at Elementor versus WPBakery Page Builder on a 1:1 premise. In any case, there are a few highlights that simply don’t contrast since they’re interesting with each page builder.
This area is for those highlights!

Elementor Unique Features

One thing that is reliably awed me about Elementor is the manner by which committed the Elementor group has been to taking off highlights that are genuinely interesting.
First up, there’s Elementor’s perfect Embed Anywhere usefulness. Essentially, this gives you a chance to take any of your spared formats and install them utilizing a shortcode:
With this element, you can utilize your Elementor plans in your sidebar, footer, or anyplace else that acknowledges shortcodes.
Another decent element is the Global Widget usefulness. With this, you can spare a structure once and reuse it over different territories. Furthermore, here’s the cool part:
At whatever point you alter the structure, those progressions will naturally refresh to each and every spot where you utilized the worldwide gadget.
At last, Elementor incorporates a slick upkeep mode highlight that enables you to put your site into support mode utilizing a hand crafted Elementor page. We’ve recently expounded on Elementor’s upkeep mode here.

WPBakery Page Builder Unique Features

While Elementor includes fundamental client job consents, WPBakery Page Builder offers an all the more full-highlighted Role Manager device that gives you a chance to control access to explicit parts of the WPBakery Page Builder interface:
It’s not exactly as point by point as Divi’s entrance consents but rather is a major update over Elementor in such manner.
Furthermore, while it is anything but a center element, I believe it’s reasonable for check WPBakery Page Builder’s enormous extra rundown as a “one of a kind component”
Through this gigantic network, you can include huge amounts of novel highlights (however you should pay additional cash for each extra).

Who Wins?

As far as center usefulness, Elementor has increasingly one of a kind usefulness as I would like to think. However, when you think about what number of additional items there are for WPBakery Page Builder, you can most likely get increasingly one of a kind usefulness for WPBakery Page Builder in case you’re willing to pay for it.
To be reasonable, there are a lot of supportive additional items for Elementor, also – the rundown simply isn’t as long as WPBakery Page Builder’s rundown of additional items.

Lock-in: Elementor Is the Winner

Lock-in alludes to what occurs in the event that you were ever to incapacitate the page builder plugin. It ought to be a genuine thought since it influences your capacity to keep up your site’s structure on the off chance that you ever move far from a plugin.

Here’s the inside scoop:

At whatever point you debilitate a page builder, you will lose the progressed styling that the page builder included. In any case, page builders approach evacuating this styling in two different ways:

• Gracefully, while abandoning clean code
• No so effortlessly, while deserting a wreck of shortcodes

On the off chance that you impair Elementor, you’ll lose your styling, yet your substance will at present look “typical”. For instance, this is what the source code looks like after you impair Elementor:
Much the same as Divi Builder, WPBakery Page Builder abandons an entire chaos of shortcodes. So in addition to the fact that you lose the fundamental styling, you likewise need to fight with every one of those broken shortcodes, which is certainly not a fun affair.
Due to this lock-in issue, you should take some time to consider before completely focusing on WPBakery Page Builder (since it will be hard to alter your opinion later on).

Estimating: Only One Has a Free Version
Elementor Pricing

The center Elementor page builder plugin is 100% free and recorded at WordPress.org.
To the extent free page builders go, it’s the best choice I’ve at any point gone over.
Nonetheless, on the off chance that you need to gain admittance to the majority of the highlights recorded in this correlation, you’ll need Elementor Pro (which is in fact an extra for the free Elementor plugin).

Elementor Pro has three designs:

• 1 Site – $49
• 3 Sites – $99
• Unlimited Sites – $199

WPBakery Page Builder Pricing

With WPBakery Page Builder, there’s no free form.
Moreover, there’s solitary one installment plan:

• 1 Site – $45

On the off chance that you just need WPBakery Page Builder for a solitary site, that is fine. However, in case you’re wanting to utilize WPBakery Page Builder for various locales, the absence of a boundless arrangement (like Elementor) is going to rapidly expand your expenses.

Last Thoughts

Ideally, I spread things out such that gives you a chance to settle on your own choice with regards to Elementor versus WPBakery Page Builder. Be that as it may, in case you’re keen on my own considerations, here they are:
I prescribe Elementor for a couple of reasons:

• I observe its interface to be a lot speedier and less laggy which, after some time, indicates critical time investment funds.
• Elementor’s styling alternatives are progressively natural and available. What’s more, inline altering additionally causes you tweak message snappier than WPBakery Page Builder’s popup technique.
• I’m a major fanatic of how quickly the Elementor dev group is pushing out new highlights and upgrades.
• The outsider Elementor add-on network is likewise doing loads of cool stuff, which opens up much more entryways.

On the off chance that you’re pondering, Elementor is likewise what we utilized, to a limited extent, to fabricate WPLift’s plan.
So on the off chance that you need my closely-held conviction – I state pick Elementor. Be that as it may, if some of WPBakery Page Builder’s highlights explicitly grabbed your attention, WPBakery Page Builder is enormously prevalent, so you’re most likely not going to turn out badly.

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