Typography plays a vital role in a logo designs impact, whether its a logo for any sort of industry the way a font selection is made or a custom typography is used communicates and carries the value of a brand or personality. In the professional design world its very important to keep a check on a typeface being able to work across platforms of digital and print media specially for logos which leaves not much room for every font out there to be able to work in logos. A font may just be a combination of letters but its form of shape in every small aspect makes a big difference when it takes the burden to carry the values of a brand or person to convey a visual message. In other words a font carries the soul of logo designs to the extent that it needs to survive without colors sometimes in solid forms. In this article we look at a collection of different fonts which can be a great resource to have as the design trends keep evolving rapidly within short time frames :

1- Morganite:

Released by Rajesh Rajput, Morganite is a bold, impactful font family with different styles in its range. It can be a good combination in poster design projects also.

2- Colus:

Pioneered by designer Stan Partalev, his inspiration from wooden and stone carved writings resulted in him creating such a great font which carries classical, strong vibes.

3- Colfax:

Colfax is an oval sans serif with healthy range styles. Its straight but oval outlook gives it the edge to be able to adapt with most visual elements. It also has the ability to work with other type faces.

4- Euclid:

In the range of modern typefaces, Euclid stands one of its own kind. Smooth, clean and impressive in its minimal form, Euclid can be a good choice for logos that need a touch of clean impressions on its viewers.

5- Circus Display:

If you need a typeface that carries a sense of classical essence with a hand drawn visual impression. Then this unique font family will serve you the best in such logo design needs. The type face never stops in catching the eyes of its viewer with impressive detailing in all its letters.

6- Tradesmith:

When you find yourself in the midst of finding a balance between vintage and modern vibes for your logo, this typeface can be a great pick out there. Impressive, strong and classical, this font family is a great rebirth of vintage vibes with a new look in the modern era.

7- Tiempos:

A font family also lucky to be a part of National Geographic Channel, holds a special position when it comes to carrying classical and bold looks. Neither taking too much space and also able to have clarity in small sizes, it can be a good pick for publishing industry brands.

8- Konop:

Designed by Mark Simonson, a gothic typeface with geometrical features in its form. Its a great type face when it comes down to using a relative font with shapes in logos. The best part is that even though its a heavy font but it still possesses breathing spaces between letters which is necessary to have when using any font in logos.

9- Supria Sans:

A unique creation by Hannes von Dohren, a type face which can be playful, strong and modern at the same time. Not many type faces have such capacities but it truly shows how different vibes can be achieved by balancing everything together. A must need to keep as it can adapt to multiple logos from different industries.

10- Mont:

As the design world moves towards minimalist design approaches with clean layouts and spaces. Mont is something that unifies with clean spaces so well that it can single handedly claim all the credit for an effective logo according to modern standards.

Although a long list of many fonts can be listed but I hope that this collection will be a beneficial asset for your logo design projects this year. The design industry keeps growing and trending with creative stuffs each day knocking on your door to be accepted for your designs to be full of life and value.

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