WordPress has been mainly used for blog making for a long time. But now this has changed completely. WordPress is now a powerful content management system that can make high-end websites. It is so popular that over 33% of all websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress has made it easy to build an interactive website for even those who are not familiar with coding and programming. The vast variety of customisable website building themes and plugins has made this possible.

WordPress themes and where to find them?

WordPress themes are pre-designed templates for complete front-end design of a website. Themes help a user to set up the user interface of a website. From the whole structures of web pages to the colour of text, everything is decided by the theme you use. A theme enhances the appeal of your website. With a huge collection of themes available, one can be sure to find a perfect match for one’s ideas.

You can get a free theme from a gigantic WordPress theme directory. To have a more professional and flawless theme, you can choose a paid theme from different WordPress theme developers online.

Some awesome premium themes of the year

Premium themes always win the race because of the reliable codes and extensive support provided with them. Premium themes also get frequent and useful updates. Let’s look at some new premium themes of 2019.


Kalium is one of the best WordPress themes for blogs and portfolio websites. The theme is very customizable and you can modify or tweak it to fit your requirements. The highly streamlined and professional look delivered by this theme can amaze any visitor. You can access demos and see screenshots before buying it. You can add transitions, animations and attractive fonts in the theme to make your website interesting. The presence of the Revolution slider makes the theme even more desirable.


The speciality of this theme is multiple design schemes to suit the different needs of different people. X has four design demos. You can check out each and use the most suitable one. X is a highly customisable theme too. Another special feature is that X is equipped with Cornerstone, which is one of the best web page building assistants. The flawless drag-and-drop feature and live preview of websites helps in building a website quickly. X is backed with extensive support and future updates.

 The Core

Specialised in building an e-commerce website, the core is the latest option for building an awesome store quickly. With support for external e-commerce providers like WooCommerce plugin, the core is becoming popular among the WordPress community. The theme provides a choice of three different sliders. You can custom build a slider too. The only negative point is the absence of a front end page builder. However, the reduced price of the theme justifies this feature reduction.


This is a simple yet powerful WordPress theme trending currently. The theme is responsive with almost all the browsers and gives the site owners a lot of flexibility in terms of access from anywhere. The admin section is super easy and uncomplicated, which allows anyone with a piece of basic knowledge to build a great site. This theme is a clear example of how WordPress themes have made website building an easy task. The amazing thing is that Gillion is SEO friendly, and it also has added support for more advanced SEO tools. This will help you to rank your website higher in search results. The source code of the theme is well written and easy to understand for advanced programmers.

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